FCC Updates Inventory for Auction 110 Licenses, Releases Technical Guides


The FCC’s Office of Economics and Analytics (OEA) and the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (WTB) are changing the categories and conditions for available licenses for its upcoming 3.45–3.55 GHz band auction, Auction 110.  The changes are due to the special temporary authority granted to Lockheed Martin, changing the inventory in the three partial economic areas (PEAs) of Syracuse, NY (PEA 41); Rochester, NY (PEA 44); and Watertown, NY (PEA 227).

OEA and WTB are also correcting an error in their Attachment A file, indicating PEA Information, Upfront Payments, and Minimum Opening Bids, “to accurately indicate certain PEAs in which coordination requirements apply to both the upper six blocks (Category 2 blocks E-J) and the lower four blocks (Category 1 blocks A-D).” The updated file is available at the FCC’s Auction 110 website.

OEA and WTB have additionally released their technical guides for Auction 110, which provide technical and mathematical information on bidding procedures on Auction 110’s clock and assignment phases.

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