Nominet UK Completes Public Trial of White Space Database; Comments Due August 16


The FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) seeks comment on the 45-day public trial of the Nominet UK (Nominet) white space database system that ended on July 26.  Nominet has filed a summary report on the trial that identifies: 1) problems reported and their disposition; and 2) descriptions of Nominet’s changes to the channel availability calculator or registration systems during the trial period. Interested parties are encouraged to submit comments on the trial and this report by August 16, 2018 and reply comments by August 23, 2018.  If approved, Nominet’s database system would support the operation of low power unlicensed transmitting devices on unoccupied spectrum, or “white spaces,” within the broadcast television bands, 600 MHz service band, 600 MHz duplex gap, and channel 37.  OET will approve Nominet’s database system once it determines that the system satisfies all applicable rules and requirements.  OET will inform the public of its decision through a Public Notice.

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