NTCA Petitions for Temporary Waiver of E911 Indoor Accuracy Obligations


NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association (“NCTA”) has petitioned the FCC for a blanket temporary waiver and extension of the initial June 2, 2017 deadline for certifying compliance with the Commission’s Enhanced 911 (“E911”) location accuracy benchmarks for certain wireless carriers.  NTCA previously filed comments in support of Cordova Wireless Communications, LLC’s petition for a temporary waiver, and eight other nearly identical petitions have been filed since.  In its petition, NTCA argues that good cause exists to provisionally waive and extend the deadline for certain small, rural wireless operators served by Public Safety Answering Points which cannot currently receive or process indoor location accuracy and Phase II E911 data.  NTCA argues that It would be wasteful for these carriers to expend limited resources to provide their local PSAP with such data before it can be utilized.  Accordingly, NTCA seeks a broader industry waiver for applicable carriers until relevant PSAPs are capable of receiving indoor accuracy data and have presented the operator with a valid service request.

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