3700-4200 MHz Rulemaking Sought by Diverse Coalition for New Fixed Wireless Broadband


A broad coalition of ISPs, technology companies, and consumer and public interest groups known as the Broadband Access Coalition has petitioned for an FCC rulemaking that would authorize point-to-multipoint fixed wireless service in the 3700-4200 MHz (3.7 GHz) band. The coalition claims that much of the 3.7 GHz spectrum shared by the Fixed Service and the Fixed Satellite Service is unused, and that the new service could be shared under more modern and flexible rules to bring “affordable, high-throughput, last-mile broadband access” to rural and high-cost areas as well as more competition to incumbent fixed broadband providers in densely populated areas. The Broadband Access Coalition’s Petition for Rulemaking has not yet been released for comment by the FCC.

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