Commission to Reexamine MTE Competition


The FCC has opened an Inquiry to reexamine the state of broadband competition in residential and commercial multiple tenant environments (MTEs).  MTEs are commercial or residential premises such as apartment buildings, condominium buildings, shopping malls, or cooperatives that are occupied by multiple entities.  The Commission has previously taken several actions to prohibit property owners and landlords from acting as gate keepers to their tenants by granting exclusive building access rights to a single entity (building exclusivity).  However the Commission has continued to allow building owners and service providers to enter into agreements that grant wire exclusivity or marketing exclusivity to a particular provider.  The Commission has requested comment on business practices and state regulations that are alleged to stifle the provision of competitive broadband services in the MTE environment.  Comments are due on or before July 24, 2017 and reply comments are due August 22, 2017.

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