AT&T Requests Forbearance From Transport and Database Dip Charges


The FCC has requested comment on a petition filed by AT&T Services, Inc. on behalf of its long distance and local exchange carrier affiliates that requests the Commission to forbear from enforcing tariffs that charge excessive rates for toll free database dips or that impose tandem switching and transport charges in cases where local exchange carriers are engaged in access stimulation practices. AT&T notes that the FCC’s mandated transition to a bill and keep access charge regime will continue to allow non-bill and keep access tariffs to remain in place for certain transport and database charges.  AT&T argues that such charges provide opportunities for regulatory arbitrage in certain cases and should not be permitted.  Comments on or oppositions to the issues raised in AT&T’s petition are due December 2, 2016.  Reply comments are due on or before December 19, 2016.

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