Bureau Determines ClearRF Booster Does Not Provide Equivalent Protection


The FCC’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (Bureau) has denied ClearRF’s request that the Bureau make a determination that ClearRF’s signal booster (Model Number WRE2710) provides “equivalent protection” and satisfies the Network Protection Standard found in the FCC’s signal booster rules.  Adopted in February 2013, the FCC’s signal booster rules are designed to allow for the use of signal boosters while preventing, controlling, and, if necessary, resolving interference by such devices to wireless networks.  Booster manufacturers that are not able to meet the technical parameters in the interference portion of the rules may receive a waiver if they are able to demonstrate that their equipment provides equivalent interference protections.  The Bureau denied ClearRF’s request because it determined that ClearRF failed to demonstrate equivalent protection with respect to: (i) the FCC’s bidirectional capability requirement; and (ii) the FCC’s booster gain limits requirement.  Additionally, in denying ClearRF’s request, the Bureau noted that ClearRF generally failed to provide technical analysis, technical specificity, or test data regarding its signal booster.

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