CCA Says IP-Based LTE Services Currently Not Compatible With TTY


The Competitive Carriers Association (CCA) has filed a petition for declaratory ruling related to the applicability of text telephone (TTY) device rules. Specifically, CCA is asking the Federal Communications Commission to “issue a declaratory ruling finding that it is not currently achievable or readily achievable to provide IP-based LTE and Wi-Fi-based mobile wireless services that are compatible with a TTY, and that the Commission’s rules do not compel compatibility of such services with a mobile TTY when compatibility is not achievable or readily achievable.” Alternatively, on behalf of its members who may need it, CCA has requested a waiver of the FCC’s rules that is identical to the waiver that was recently granted to AT&T. The text telephone, referred to as a TTY, is a keyboard-like device used by people with speech disabilities or hearing disabilities, or both, to communicate by telephone.

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