Corrected Mobility Fund Phase II Eligibility Map Released


The FCC’s Rural Broadband Auctions Task Force and wireline and wireless bureaus (Bureaus) have released an updated map of Mobility Fund Phase II (MF-II) presumptively eligible areas.  The updated map is available at  The Bureaus indicate that the updates have increased the area considered presumptively eligible but do not alter the eligibility status of 99.99% of the total area (eligible and ineligible).  The Bureaus also explain that these updates reflect the following revisions to the underlying coverage and subsidy data: (1) Universal Service Administrator Company (USAC) corrections of certain subsidy assignments and (2) corrected 4G LTE coverage data submitted by one mobile provider for the Oklahoma Panhandle area.  There is no indication whether the Bureau could release a further updated map if other providers were to submit corrected data.  The FCC’s MF-II challenge process window was set to last from March 29, 2018 through August 27, 2018, though in May Chairman Pai expressly committed to extending the challenge window by 90 days.

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