Effective Date of Cellular Harmonization Rules Announced


The FCC has announced that January 4, 2015 is the effective date of the new 800 MHz Cellular Service rules based on geographic-based licensing. However, three of the revised rules require a modified information collection and will not be effective until they are approved by OMB and have been published in the Federal register. These rules address when a cellular transmitter may be added without FCC approval, the mandatory electronic filing of maps with certain applications, and the removal of 16 exhibits and technical information in new-system and CGSA expansion applications.

The Commission notes that non-compliant or unnecessary filings will be dismissed if not withdrawn.  The Commission also reminds licensees that despite the changes it has made to the filing requirements, licensees continue to be subject to all applicable rules, obligations and conditions of operation, including coordination with Canada and Mexico, Quiet Zone requirements, NEPA, and coordination among licensees.

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