FCC Announces Enhanced A-CAM Offers of Support, September 29 Election Deadline


The FCC has issued a Public Notice and adopted an Order announcing the model-based Enhanced A-CAM offers of support for existing A-CAM carriers and legacy rate-of-return carriers.  For non-Tribal land locations, the offer amounts released are calculated using a monthly funding per location threshold of $63.69, a funding cap of $350 per location, and an alternative funding percentage of 80 percent.  Support for locations on Tribal lands is subject to a funding threshold per location of $47.76 and a funding cap of $365.93.

Carriers will receive a single offer of support for all affiliates within a state.  By September 29, 2023, carriers must indicate, on a state-by-state basis, whether they elect to receive Enhanced A-CAM support.  In electing to receive Enhanced A-CAM support, carriers are encouraged to evaluate whether the support is sufficient to serve all of their required locations with 100/20 Mbps or faster broadband service.  Compliance with broadband deployment obligations will be validated at the state level.  The Enhanced A-CAM offers can be found here.

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