FCC Approves Nominet UK as Another White Space Database Administrator; 45 Day Public Trial Begins


The FCC has released an order conditionally designating Nominet UK as a white space database administrator. The Commission has also released a public notice announcing that on June 11, 2018, Nominet will commence a 45-day public trial of Nominet’s white space database system. The white space databases are used by fixed and personal portable unlicensed devices to identify unused spectrum in the broadcast television bands, the 600 MHz service band, the 600 MHz duplex gap, and in Channel 37 (the White Space Bands) that is available at their geographic locations. The trial is intended to allow the public to access and test Nominet’s database system to ensure that it correctly identifies channels that are available for unlicensed radio transmitting devices that operate in the White Space Bands. Specifically, in order to prevent interference to authorized users in the White Space Bands, the white space devices used in testing must include a geo-location capability and the capability to access a database that identifies incumbent users entitled to interference protection, including, for example, full power and low power TV stations, broadcast auxiliary point-to-point facilities, PLMRS/CMRS oeprations on Channels 14-20, and the Offshore Radiotelephone Service. Additionally, the Nominet database can be used to register the locations of fixed white space devices and the protected locations and channels of incumbent services, including licensed wireless microphone and 600 MHz wireless service band operations that are not otherwise recorded in the Commission databases. Interested parties may participate in the trial by accessing Nominet’s white space database test portal at: https://usa.dev-wsdb.uk/.

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