FCC Dishes Out Bidding Credit Do-Overs to SNR and Northstar


Following a court remand, the FCC has issued an Order on Remand that affords SNR Wireless LicenseCo LLP (SNR) and Northstar Wireless LLC (Northstar) the opportunity to  renegotiate their business arrangements with DISH and other parties in order to cure their ineligibility for “very small business” bidding credits claimed in Auction 97 for AWS-3 spectrum.  This action is a big a win for SNR and Northstar after the FCC in 2015 voted unanimously to deny approximately $3.3 billion in bidding credits due to the companies’ apparent affiliation with not-very-small DISH Network Corporation.  SNR and Northstar have 90 days to renegotiate agreements and file the necessary documentation with the FCC to demonstrate their new eligibility for the bidding credits.



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