FCC Improves Emergency Alert System to Make Alerts Clearer and More Accessible


To help Americans better prepare for and respond to emergency situations, the FCC has improved its Emergency Alert System.  The updated rules will make radio and television alerts more informative, clear, and accessible to the public by requiring broadcasters, cable systems, and other Emergency Alert System participants to transmit the Internet-based versions of alerts when available instead of transmitting the legacy alert versions.  The updated rules will enable the dissemination of high-quality audio messages, enhance multilingual alert availability, ensure that television alerts contain all information provided by the government, and display more accessible language in messages. 

Additionally, individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing will be able to access emergency alerts in a format that closely matches the audio alerts on the television.   Individuals who are blind or visually impaired will be able to access radio alerts that contain more detailed information. 

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