FCC Orders All U.S. Phone Companies to Block Auto Warranty Robocall


The FCC has issued an Order requiring all U.S. voice providers to block traffic from a known robocall scam that markets auto warranties coming from Roy Cox, Jr., Aaron Michael Jones, their Sumco Panama companies, and international associates.  Earlier this summer, the FCC issued cease and desist letters to several voice service providers known to be carrying this traffic, and now the FCC is ramping up its efforts instructing all voice service providers to take all necessary steps to avoid carrying the unlawful robocalls.  In its Order, the FCC has instructed all U.S.-based voice service providers to investigate any illegal robocall traffic and meet certain reporting requirements to the FCC.  If a U.S. voice service provider fails to comply with the FCC’s Order, it may be deemed to “have knowingly and willfully engaged in transmitting unlawful robocalls.”

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