FCC Seeks Nominations for Renewed Native Nations Communications Task Force


The FCC has announced the renewal and renaming of the FCC Native Nations Communications Task Force and seeks applications for membership. Because the Task Force is involved in a range of FCC matters going beyond broadband deployment, the FCC renamed the Task Force, changing Native Nations Broadband Task Force to Native Nations Communications Task Force. The Task Force has been composed of senior FCC staff and elected or appointed leaders from federally recognized Tribal governments or their designated employees. The mission of the renewed Task Force will be to make recommendations to the FCC on communications-related issues that affect Tribal interests. Among the issues to be considered are executing the FCC’s Tribal Consultation policy, identifying barriers to broadband deployment that are unique to Tribal lands, and ensuring Tribal concerns are considered in relevant matters regarding communications services and facilities. Membership will be for three years starting in the spring of 2018. Applicants should be elected leaders from federally recognized Tribal governments or governmental entities, or their designated employees. Nominations, which must include specific information, must be submitted to the FCC by March 31, 2018.


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