FCC Streamlines Rules to Accelerate Conclusion of the 800 MHz Rebanding Process


The FCC has adopted an order to streamline rules and procedures to reduce administrative costs and accelerate the conclusion of the 800 MHz band rebanding program. In 2004, the FCC launched the 800 MHz rebanding program which was designed to alleviate interference to public safety, critical infrastructure, and other licensees caused by Sprint and other commercial operators. The initiative involves relocating Sprint’s system to the upper end of the 800 MHz band and public safety licensees to the lower end. Sprint is required to pay the relocation costs incurred by public safety and other licensees, in addition to its own relocation costs. As the rebanding is nearly complete, with over 2,000 licensees relocated to new channels and only 19 licensees yet to be relocated, the FCC is taking action to hasten the completion of the rebanding process. The FCC is also seeking comment on eliminating certain responsibilities of the Transition Administrator to help conclude this program.

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