FiberTower License Transfers to AT&T Upheld


The FCC has dismissed, and in the alternative, denied two Applications for Review (AFR) filed by the Competitive Carriers Association (CCA) and affirmed the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (Bureau)’s decision approving the transfer of 514 39 GHz licenses from FiberTower to AT&T.  CCA’s first AFR alleged that the Bureau erred in assigning FiberTower’s unbuilt licenses by accepting AT&T and FiberTower’s transfer of control applications and reinstating FiberTower’s 39 GHz licenses that the Commission previously terminated.  In its second AFR, CCA requested reversal of the Bureau’s limited waiver of the June 1, 2012 substantial service deadline for FiberTower’s reinstated 39 GHz licenses.  The FCC dismissed both of CCA’s AFRs for lack of standing, and in the alternative, denied them on the merits.

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