More Frontier CAF Phase I Changes Prompt January 30, 2017 Notification Deadline


Frontier Communications Corp. (Frontier) recently notified the FCC that Frontier plans to modify its Connect America Fund Phase I Round 2 (CAF Phase I) incremental broadband deployment plans. Frontier submitted a new list of 515 census blocks that it now intends to serve using CAF Phase I incremental support.  Any providers that serve locations in these census blocks with Internet speeds of 3 Mbps down / 768 kbps up or higher will have 45 days (i.e., by January 30, 2017) to notify Frontier of such service in the newly identified census blocks. A list of the 515 census blocks that Frontier intends to serve is available at I.2 Census Block Update.xlsx.   Though the FCC encourages existing providers to notify Frontier directly, Frontier also will be deemed to have received a notification that is filed electronically with the FCC in WC Docket No. 10-90.  Frontier underwent a similar process earlier in Fall 2016.

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