Waivers Allow ILECs to Add Unrecoverable Halo Revenue to Eligible Recovery


The FCC’s Wireline Competition Bureau has issued an order granting in part, and subject to certain conditions, eight petitions for waiver of the FCC’s intercarrier compensation (ICC) recovery rules. Pursuant to the order, each petitioner will be able to include in their eligible recovery calculations certain ICC revenues that they were unable to collect from carrier customer Halo Wireless, Inc. (Halo), due to Halo’s access charge avoidance scheme and subsequent bankruptcy. Each petitioner must make five certifications prior to receiving the granted relief. The following incumbent local exchange carriers received a waiver to include the following amounts in their ICC calculations:

  • Guadalupe Valley Telephone Cooperative ($278,317.62)
  • Big Bend Telephone Company, Brazoria Telephone Company, Eastex Telephone Cooperative, Inc., Industry Telephone Company, Livingston Telephone Company, Inc., Mid-Plains Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc., Riviera Telephone Company, Inc., and Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc. ($460,861.91)
  • Wilkes Telephone Membership Corporation ($147,149.01)
  • Alenco Communications, Inc., Five Area Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (Five Area), Nortex Communications, North Texas Telephone Company, Peoples Telephone Cooperative, Inc., Totelcom Communications, LLC, West Plains Telecommunications, Inc., and XIT Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc. ($243,176.33)
  • Hill Country Telephone Cooperative, Inc. and Southwest Texas Telephone Company ($119,412.61)
  • Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative Corporation, Inc., Highland Telephone Cooperative, Inc., Loretto Telephone Company, Inc., North Central Telephone Cooperative, Inc., and the Telephone Electronics Corporation companies, Crockett Telephone Company, Inc., Peoples Telephone Company, and West Tennessee Telephone Company, Inc. ($350,105.25)
  • North State Telephone Company dba North State Communications, Randolph Telephone Membership Corporation, and Skyline Telephone Membership Corporation ($323,829.72)
  • Fidelity Telephone Company, Grand River Mutual Telephone Corporation, and Lathrop Telephone Company ($198,669.42)
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