FCC Fines Chinese Retailer $34.9M for Selling RF Jamming Equipment


Following an investigation by the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau and a subsequent issuance of a Notice of Apparent Liability, the Federal Communications Commission has issued a Forfeiture Order against Chinese electronics manufacturer and online retailer C.T.S. Technology (CTS) for marketing and selling signal jamming devices to U.S. consumers. Starting in 2014, CTS marketed at least 285 RF-jamming products through its own websites and third party platforms.  CTS’s website also falsely claimed that some RF-jammers had been approved by the FCC and could be shipped to consumers in the U.S.  The Commission first proposed a $34,912,500 fine in a Notice of Apparent Liability, which CTS failed to respond to, prompting the FCC to issue the Forfeiture Order.  As of the release of the Forfeiture Order, CTS did take several measures that appear to bring its marketing into compliance with U.S. law prohibiting the marketing, import and sale of signal jammers.

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