FCC Adopts FY 2015 Regulatory Fee Schedule


The FCC recently adopted its fiscal year (FY) 2015 regulatory fee schedule. Pursuant to its FY 2015 appropriation, the Commission will collect $339,844,000 in regulatory fees. Of that amount, the Commission projects approximately $18.56 million in fees from International Bureau regulatees; $69.07 million in fees from Wireless Telecommunications Bureau regulatees; $132.81 million from Wireline Competition Bureau regulatees; and $120.15 million from Media Bureau regulatees.

The FY 2015 regulatory fee schedule includes the following noteworthy changes from prior years: (1) a reduction in regulatory fees for the submarine cable/terrestrial and satellite bearer circuit (IBC) category relative to other fee categories in the International Bureau; (2) the first fee rate for Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) as a subcategory of the cable television and Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) regulatory fee category; (3) the first regulatory fee rate for toll free numbers; and (4) the elimination of the regulatory fee component of two fee categories: amateur radio Vanity Call Signs and General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS). These regulatory fees are due in September 2015.

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