TiVo Seeks Clarification or Waiver of Commission’s Audiovisual Output Requirement


The FCC’s Media Bureau is seeking comment on a TiVo Petition for Clarification or Waiver of Section 76.640(b)(4)(iii) of the Commission’s rules. Specifically, the rule requires cable operators to “ensure that the cable-operator-provided high definition set-top boxes…comply with an open industry standard that provides for audiovisual communications including service discovery, video transport, and remote control command pass-through standards for home networking.”  TiVo asserts that the “touchstone” solution for home networking has not been published publicly, and that industry-wide compliance is not currently achievable. TiVo requests that the Commission extend the waiver currently in place beyond its June 2, 2014 expiration.  Alternatively, TiVo requests that the Commission clarify whether the rule is still in effect in light of the D.C. Circuit’s decision in Echostar Satellite, LLC v. FCC.  Comments and oppositions are due February 14, 2014, and Petitioner’s reply is due February 28, 2014.


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