Vonage Given More Time to Comply With Ring Signaling Rule


The FCC’s Wireline Competition Bureau (Bureau) has granted Vonage Holdings Corp. (Vonage) an extension of time to comply with the ring signaling rule that was adopted in the Rural Call Completion Order.  The rule, which has an effective date of January 31, 2014, prohibits all originating and intermediate providers from causing audible ringing to be sent to the caller before the terminating provider has signaled that the called party is being alerted.  Vonage requested a temporary waiver because it has had to install a new media delivery system to come into compliance with the ring signaling rule, and needs extra time to complete the installation of the system and then fully test it.  The Bureau has determined that Vonage has shown good cause, and has granted a limited waiver.  Vonage now has until March 3, 2014, to comply with the FCC’s ring signaling rule.

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