OET Releases Final Version of TVStudy Software


The Federal Communications Commission Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) has released the final version of the TVStudy software (version 1.3.2) to be used in the Broadcast Incentive Auction. The software is critical to the Incentive Auction as it will be used to predict the coverage areas and populations served of local TV stations, which determines how broadcasters who remain on the air at the conclusion of the auction are repacked and how much spectrum will be available for wireless services during the forward auction. TVStudy is available on the Commission’s LEARN website under the repacking section. A “Change Log” showing all revisions to TVStudy (TVStudy v1.3.2 Installation & Upgrade Guide), the current software configuration settings in an XML file (June 2015 TVStudy Template), and other materials relevant to TVStudy are accessible on the FCC’s LEARN website.

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